Ms Superpark 2012

Snowboarder Mag continues its dedication to female snowboarding and its progression with Ms Superpark, which is back in 2012 for its eighth event. The event is designed to showcase the latest from the world’s best female snowboarders as well as push their limits and aim for something higher. It is an invite-only event, so you know the level or riding is sky high, and as such it’s regarded as the best all-women event in snowboarding. It’s not a comp, merely a place to progress and for the best of the best to be inspired by their peers. Check out the video footage from day three and four. You can find all the updates, photography and more video on Snowboarder Mag’s website.

This year’s Ms Superpark Standout and Gatorade ‘Driven from Within’ award was none other than solid hitter Kjersti Buass. Nice work Ms Buass, or should that be Ms Superpark.



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